My name is Patrick Dillon and I wrote The Story of Britain. I'm an architect as well as a writer. When I was young I loved buildings and stories. I couldn't choose whether to be an architect or a writer so I decided to do both!

As an architect, the first job I worked on was Daunt Books, in Marylebone High Street, and after that I designed a café for the Poetry Society, so somehow I managed to design buildings but still have something to do with books. Since then I've worked on the Chelsea Theatre, the Benjamin Franklin House Museum, near Trafalgar Square, and a new concert hall at Snape Maltings in Suffolk. At the moment, my architectural practice is working on the National Theatre in London, so I spend most of my time at the theatre.

Until now, my books have been history books for grown-ups. I wrote a book called The Much-Lamented Death of Madam Geneva about a time when everyone in London started drinking too much gin, and the government tried to ban it. Then I wrote a book called The Last Revolution about the Glorious Revolution, when Britain was invaded, the King ran away and the way we are governed changed forever. You can find out more about it in The Story of Britain.

I live in London with my wife, two children and a cat called Solly. When I'm not writing books or designing buildings, we like sailing our boat, Zylippe. We've sailed it as far as Holland, but often we just go up and down the coast of Suffolk, where there are brilliant creeks and rivers to explore. Whenever we can, we go to France and stay in a house from where you can see an old castle in the distance. It was telling my children stories about that castle that first gave me the idea of writing The Story of Britain.